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How to Manage Your Social Media Accounts with Social Rabbit

Jul 21, 2019

Most companies and entrepreneurs know that in the modern world, presence on social networks is vital for any business promotion. But if you want to get awesome results, you need to invest a lot of time and money in Social Media Marketing. That’s why we invented Social Rabbit. This plugin helps to grow your traffic and sales on full autopilot.

In this article, you will read all about its features, options, and tools as well as their setup.

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How to Promote Your Business on Instagram: a Detailed Guide

Instagram is everywhere, and everybody talks about this social media platform, right? After all, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks across the world, and the number of Instagram users grows every year. People have become fans of Instagram: they like spending time there, looking at photos of their friends and acquaintances or celebrities, watching funny videos and Stories, and even searching for products to buy.

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How to Set Up Social Rabbit Without Looking Like a Spammer

Currently, there are more than 9,300 active installations of Social Rabbit. People use the plugin with great success on social media! And we are happy to be part of their success.  

If you have already joined the happy users of Social Rabbit, you probably already have several questions: how to set the plugin up and how to use it without looking like a spammer.  

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Instagram Stories: a Simple Guide How to Automate Them and Increase Your Profit

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. There are more than 800 million active users, and 200 million of them visit at least one brand’s account every day.

So, it is not a surprise that companies promote their businesses on Instagram. After all, the audience is brand-loyal, engagement is high, and Instagram constantly adds new features for promotion: ads in the feed, ads in Stories, “swipe up” links and product tags on photos with direct links to a shop.

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Social Rabbit vs SMM Expert: Which One is Better for Your Business

Jan 29, 2019

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a great opportunity to communicate with your clients in an informal way.

You can show them your new goods, give a discount, share useful tips with them and just tell about your business or company.

In other words, social media is the best place to be closer to your audience (and get even more insights, of course).

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Incredible Updates of Social Rabbit: Meet New Features of Our Social Media Automation Tool

Social Media is a large part of every person’s life: people find friends, read news or even buy products there. That’s why each online business owner spends lots of time, efforts and money to promote their sites on social networks. We realize that it’s a hard work for you and we are ready to give you a hand.

Let’s automate all your SMM activities!

We are happy to introduce the latest updates to our Social Rabbit — a plugin for auto-posting and auto-promotion on top social networks.

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How to Choose Hashtags for a Webstore

Aug 10, 2018 , ,

Hashtags have proved to be a great tool for growing a brand’s visibility in social networks. For example, if you place one or two hashtags in a tweet, the number of its retweets can grow up to 55%.

But for a webstore owner with a short SMM experience the proper choice of hashtags is normally quite a challenge. The matter is: there are too many of them flooding nearly every post caption in the feed. How to select the right ones that will increase the reach of a specific post or a whole marketing campaign? Or, how to figure out a brand’s individual hashtag owing to which the business will be recognized on social networks?

Before starting hashtag selection, some experts recommend listing down so called “parent hashtags” which are, in your opinion, are relevant to your brand, product or campaign. This is the combination of various hashtag types (listed below) to be analyzed, researched and narrowed down in the process of your social activities. You can write them down on a shit of paper or fix them in an Excel file.

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