Knowledge base: Social Rabbit Setup

9. How to fill in the fields of Post Grabber.

Post Grabber goes through all Facebook pages selected for relevant keywords and finds the most popular posts. Later it will publish them in your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram accounts including the link to your site.


This video tutorial describes how you can easily customize Post Grabber Settings in Social Rabbit plugin:


Step 1. You need to check and fill in all the fields. Choose posting time and enter hashtags.

Step 2. After entering all information in the fields click “Submit” or “Set Recommended Settings” to get fixed settings and click “Submit”.

Step 3. You also need to select the pages from which the Rabbit will take popular posts. Find the pages by using keywords. You may choose all or several pages by picking the “Get selected” option in the pop-down menu (“Bulk Actions”) and clicking”Apply”:

post grabber замена