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How to create the app for Twitter.

Step 1. Firstly login to your Twitter account

Step 2. Follow this link . Click Products=> Twitter API

Step 3. Sign up for Free Account


Step 4.  And verify the identity. Choose User profile, click “Continue“.

Choose access for organization and fill in all the necessary details.


Accept the terms of service.

Check your email inbox to confirm your email address.

Twitter team will get in touch with you shortly.


Step 5. Once your developer’s account has been approved, create a new Twitter app by clicking the “Create an app” button.
Then fill out the needed account details. Click “Create”.
You need to add your website URL with a slash sign  ( / )  in each row.
Pay attention, you need to enter in the Callback URLs field.


































Step 6. Then open “Keys and tokens” tab, copy API key and API secret key  in the Rabbit.

Go to the Twitter section -> Authorize -> click “Manually”:







Enter your keys without spaces in the required rows and click “Auth with Twitter”:










So, you are authorized on your Twitter account via your personal Twitter app.