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How to set up Mutual Promotion on Pinterest

This tool can bring you many likes, comments and followers within a short period of time, exploiting Social Rabbit plugins installed on other websites. Social Rabbits give likes, comment and follow each other automatically.

Follow: if you activate this option your Pinterest account will start following other Pinterest accounts of users who have the Social Rabbit plugin installed and the Mutual Promoter tool activated. And these Pinterest accounts will start following you in return.

Like and Comment: activating these two options will make your account Like and Comment posts of other Pinterest accounts belonged to the users who are using the Social Rabbit plugin and have the Mutual Promoter tool activated. They will give you likes and comments in return.

This tool is very simple to use – just switch on the necessary options and save changes.

All the performed actions will be displayed in your Activities list below.

Please note that you shouldn’t activate this tool right after the registration. It can lead you to the situation when your account is banned. Turn it on after 3 days of active posting to avoid a spammy look.