Knowledge Base: Instagram Tools

How to set up Promoter on Instagram

This tool goes through the chosen Instagram pages and draws attention to your account by following, liking and commenting on their posts and accounts.

How does it exactly work? It takes a user or a tag from the list below in a random way, likes and comments it. If Social Rabbit follows the user and it does not follow in return within 3 days, Social Rabbit will unfollow it.

Step 1. Go to “Promoter” on Instagram Section, choose posting time, switch on the functions you need and save it.

We do not recommend to post too often, especially, if you have a new Instagram account. Probably, it will be blocked.

So, it’s better to let it post once every 4-5 hours for the first month.

Step 2. Select Instagram accounts or tags, using keywords relevant to your niche. This tool will promote your account by giving likes, commenting and following the chosen users. Select all or several pages and click ”Add”. You will see them in “Added users”.

Please note that you shouldn’t activate this tool right after the registration. It can lead you to the situation when your account is banned. Turn it on after 30-60 days of active posting to avoid a spammy look.