About Us

Our company

Social Rabbit is an international company working in global markets since 2016. Our leading product is the Social Rabbit plugin for WordPress sites. It allows not only posting on 4 top social networks but also promoting accounts on autopilot. It helps our clients save tons of their time and money.

Our goal

Our primary goal is helping WordPress sites owners to promote their business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest without special knowledge, extra payments and efforts. The Social Rabbit plugin is truly priceless for all WordPress projects whether it be an online store or a blog. We claim it with 100% confidence based on our own experience.

Our story

We created Social Rabbit for ourselves to promote our own numerous projects on social media. We wanted to optimize our SMM activities and cut expenses. Results were not long in coming: our projects flourished. We shared the plugin with our existing clients and got the same feedback. You know, this little Rabbit really brings an effect comparable with a big expert team.

Our Team

Yaroslav Nevsky

Chief Executive Officer

Vitaly Kukin

Chief Technology Officer

Ilya Dolgikh

Chief Product Officer

Elena Fedunina

Head of Customer Support

Anna Zhmaeva

Head of Design

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