About Us

One Smart Rabbit Instead of a Whole SMM Department

Social Rabbit is an international company working in global markets to develop the world’s first advanced plugin for auto-running and auto-promoting websites in social networks.

Our primary goal is to help website owners save time, money and effort on SMM activities. The plugin is truly priceless for all WordPress projects and small businesses, so if you are an owner of a webstore, Social Rabbit is your ideal solution.

What’s the main difference between Social Rabbit and the services of other companies? It’s not only the advanced features offered by the plugin. It is the attitude.

Other companies create alike programs for sale. We created Social Rabbit for ourselves in order to promote our own numerous projects on social media. We wanted to optimize our SMM activities and cut our expenses. As soon as we made sure that the Rabbit works perfectly, that our projects flourish, and that we don’t need an overblown SMM department anymore, we decided to offer the plugin to our existing clients and got the same feedback: this little rabbit brings results comparable with those of a big expert team. And now we want to share our success with you!

We have tested Social Rabbits on hundreds of projects. We’ve selected the most profitable SMM strategies and polished the plugin features. We’ve put all our experience into this product and discovered that it is the best SMM plugin ever!


  • It provides “smart posting” with a reasonable proportion of commercial posts and neutral niche visual materials. It makes your accounts look diversified, attractive and "human-like".
  • It has one-time simple settings that allow for fully automated posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • It grows quality traffic from social media by 5-10 times!
  • It allows website owners to focus on other activities and not worry about social media.
  • Our company guarantees free life-long plugin updates for every buyer. You always use the newest version!

Our Team

Yaroslav Nevsky

Chief Executive Officer

Vitaly Kukin

Chief Technology Officer

Ilya Dolgikh

Chief Product Officer

Elena Fedunina

Head of Customer Support

Anna Zhmaeva

Head of Design

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