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Frequently asked questions

What is Social Rabbit?

Social Rabbit is an app to auto-promote any Shopify store on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. It helps you reduce the time you spend on your social media marketing while netting fantastic results without extra effort.

How can it help me as an online seller?

As an online business owner, you have tons to do every day. But no matter how busy you are, social media marketing is crucial for business and cannot be overlooked. Social Rabbit takes care of this workload for you, helping drive quality traffic to your store while presenting your products to a broad audience and helping boost your sales.

Is there a difference between the features of a free 7-day trial and those of a paid account?

No, there is no difference at all. During your trial, you can test all the features of Social Rabbit.

Will I have to pay an additional fee?

To use all of Social Rabbit’s features, you will need to pay $19 per month. That’s it. We don’t have any additional fees for extra posts or clicks.

Won’t my social media pages look spammy?

No they won’t, because Social Rabbit is not a bot – it is an app for a Shopify store you set up yourself. You control how your content looks by determining the posting frequency and post imagery and copy.

Can I use Social Rabbit on other platforms for an online business?

Yes, Social Rabbit also works on any WordPress or WooCommerce site. To get a WordPress version of Social Rabbit, visit this page.

Are there any limits on my social media posts?

No – Social Rabbit allows you to publish an unlimited number of posts every day on all four social media platforms.

Just remember that each social network has recommendations on the ideal number of posts you should publish to see the best results.

Where can I find information about all the app’s settings?

We have detailed instructions for you on how to set up each Social Rabbit tool. You can find them on our Knowledge Base. All the tools are divided into groups by social network for your convenience.

If I can’t set up the app by myself, can you help me?

Social Rabbit has rather simple settings. However, if you don’t want to look into all the setup process details, we will be happy to help you. Go here to order our setup service.

I am unable to find an answer to my problem. What should I do now?

Don’t worry. We are always here to give you a hand or solve any problem you may have with Social Rabbit. If you haven’t found the answer to your question in our Knowledge Base, feel free to contact us at