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SocialRabbit ver. 3.0.5 - 16.11.18 (current version)

Welcome Message on Social Media Networks added
Categories Exclusion from Product Poster added
Using AliDropship Default Currency for Product Poster added
Testing php and ion for compability
Instagram Poster bug fixed
Minor optimizations

SocialRabbit ver. 3.0.4 - 25.10.18

Emoji on templates added
Photo credit on Grabber section added
Twitter Poster bug fixed
Minor optimizations

SocialRabbit ver. 3.0.3 - 12.10.18

FB Gallery, Instagram bugs fixed
Minor optimizations

SocialRabbit ver. 3.0.2 - 09.10.18

New interface added
Mobile version optimizaton
Alternative method of Authorization on Facebook added
Social Networks Analysis at the Overview section added
Delayed publications from Gallery added
Posting to Instagram Stories, Swipeable carousel added
Posts Planner added
Image Editor was added to Media Gallery
Search by tags on Promoter and Grabber Sections of Instagram added
Сharacter counter for Template added
Import of Images and GIF’s from Pixabay.com and Giphy.com straight to Media Gallery added
Hashtag Generator on the Product Page added

SocialRabbit ver. 2.1.7 - 21.08.18

Alternative method of Authorisation on Twitter is added.
Minor optimizations

SocialRabbit ver. 2.1.6 - 08.05.18

Facebook is unavailable for new users
Compatibility with other plugins improved
Minor optimizations

SocialRabbit ver. 2.1.5 - 03.04.18

Instagram checkpoint verification added
Template editor improved
Minor bug fixes

SocialRabbit ver. 2.1.4 - 20.03.18

Two-factor authentication added to IG

FB authorization optimized

SocialRabbit ver. 2.1.3 - 15.03.18

Schedule settings improved

IG shoutout improved

More options added to product Poster

SocialRabbit ver. 2.1.2 - 15.02.18

FB Grabber and social media Promoter improved

SocialRabbit ver. 2.1.1 - 30.01.18

Plugin optimizations

SocialRabbit ver. 2.1.0 - 25.01.18

Plugin optimizations

SocialRabbit ver. 2.0.9 - 22.01.18

FB authorization bug fixed

SocialRabbit ver. 2.0.8 - 11.01.18

Interface optimized

SocialRabbit ver. 2.0.7 - 08.01.18

Interface optimized

Multisite support added

SocialRabbit ver. 1.6.12 - 08.01.18

instagram fix

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