Knowledge base: Social Networks Integration

2. How to create the app for Twitter.

According to the new Facebook Policy Updates, the service of autoposting on Facebook are not available for apps, created after April, 24, 2018. The apps, created before this date will act until August 1, 2018.

This video tutorial describes how you can easily create a Twitter App:

Step 1. Firstly sign in to your Twitter account.

Step 2. Follow this link and create a new Twitter app by clicking the “Create New App” button: 12 twit app_


Step 3. Upon creating your app, you’ll be transferred to your application creation page. Enter your application’s name, its description (for example, App for auto-posting) and your Website URL in the fields. Read and accept the “Twitter Developer Agreement” and check the box next to “Yes, I agree”. Push the button “Create your Twitter Application”:

Step 4. Go to the “Settings” tab and add your website URL in the next fields: “Callback URL”, “Privacy Policy URL” and “Terms of Service URL”. Then click “Update Settings”:


Step 5. Go to “Keys and Access Tokens”.  You will see API Key and API Secret.  Your Twitter application is ready to use.