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5 Black Friday Tips That Will Help You Get More Sales

By Denis K. Nov 11, 2020

Black Friday is just around the corner! Are you ready for this enormous shopping event? Have you already thought about your marketing strategy? Here are 5 Black Friday tips you might use to get more sales!

During Black Friday, many businesses provide generous price drops on their products and unique beneficial deals. Let’s see how you can adjust your marketing campaign to get the best possible sales results.

Black Friday is an event when any business can achieve phenomenal sales with the right approach. And your online store can be a part of this major event and also generate some impressive profit numbers! However, the important thing is to properly prepare beforehand. So, to help you in the preparation, here is a list of things you should and shouldn’t do before and during Black Friday. 

Black Friday tip #1: You shouldn’t cut the price too much

Of course, Black Friday is the hottest shopping event in the world. But you shouldn't provide too big discounts

As an ecommerce entrepreneur, you can’t always offer large price discounts. However, it’s not always necessary.

Black Friday is the time when people are more likely to buy something – and to spend a few extra dollars on a product they might not even need. As a result, the chance of them making impulse purchases is much higher, no matter the size of the discount. 

That being said, you don’t have to offer a large discount price as long as the product offer is appealing for the target audience. 

Black Friday tip #2: You should focus on your ads

Think of the uniqueness of your Black Friday advertising materials.

The amount of people who choose online buying over traditional shopping is increasing every year. And 2020 is no exception: with the ecommerce industry expanding, this trend becomes even more clear. 

As the market grows, so do the possibilities. You can reach a bigger number of potential customers through your online advertisements. 

For example, try to focus on your regular Instagram posts and Instagram stories. During the Black Friday sales, the customer behaviour changes. So, carefully analyze your ads performance, adjust them if needed, and the results will follow. 

Furthermore, this is the time to not only focus on your original target audience, but also find and reach people who have yet to show interest in your product offering. 

If you carefully plan your Black Friday marketing campaign, you can achieve great results without having to spend more on promotion. 

Black Friday tip #3: You should focus more on your advertising messages

One more important aspect of the preparation for the Black Friday Sale is advertising texts.

Pay extra attention to the quality and the content of your marketing materials. The importance of the following aspects during this major shopping event shouldn’t be overlooked: 

Marketing texts

The general idea of Black Friday is to purchase smart while spending less. We recommend for you to put an emphasis on purchasing for yourself and for your close ones. 

Not only that, but also try to create messages that will carry a special meaning that will allow you to establish a strong emotional connection with the audience. 


During Black Friday, bright and eye-catching visuals are essential. Here, you need to try to stand out from the crowd. During this shopping event, don’t simply put a Black Friday banner everywhere. 

Instead, try to make your message bring some information to the store visitors and make colorful collages of your best-sellers and the most popular items. Moreover, while publishing on social media, make your posts as clear as possible and easy to understand. Keeping it nice and simple will increase the chance your store visitors will stay and buy something. 

Black Friday tip #4: You should ensure that everything is mobile-friendly 

The biggest part of online shoppers makes their purchases through their mobile phones.

PCs are no longer the only place where one can shop online. The amount of people shopping online using mobile phones is increasing every day. 

This means that making a store that looks great and properly functions on a phone is a must.

And don’t think that this is only important during a major shopping event like Black Friday. Don’t forget that mobile phones are a regular aspect of our everyday lives. And sometimes, making a purchase on one’s phone is much more convenient than doing it on a PC. 

Black Friday tip #5: You should provide a seamless customer experience 

No doubt that Black Friday is a stressful time for everyone, buyers and sellers included. However, your goal is to create a seamless and easy shopping experience for your customers. When they come up with a decision to finally purchase something, they shouldn’t experience any inconvenience. 

Having said that, here is what you’ll need to pay extra attention to: 

  • Payment gateways are all accessible and fully-functional
  • The automated features (like emails and notifications) are on and working properly 
  • All the listed communication channels that your buyers might use to contact you are activated and checked regularly by you
  • The incoming questions/complaints/requests are all tracked and responded to professionally

Final thoughts on things you should focus on during Black Friday

Taking everything into consideration, it is important to carefully prepare yourself and your online store for a major shopping event like Black Friday. Carefully construct your marketing strategy and make sure everything is in full working order. And don’t forget to provide a favorable shopping environment for your customers. 

We hope these Black Friday tips will help you to get the most out during this massive shopping event!

By Denis K.
As a copywriter, Denis explores the rapidly evolving digital marketing industry and feels committed to sharing his findings with a wider readers' audience.
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