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An Easy Way to Select Products for Your Webstore

Oct 19, 2018 ,

In one of the previous articles, we told how to find your niche for eCommerce, taking into consideration the needs and problems of your target audience. Let’s assume that your niche is found. What’s next? What products will you choose for your catalogue? Consider these 4 key factors while selecting categories and separate items:

1. Demand

You want to sell popular products that are always in need and have stable (ideally positive) trend, don’t you? But how to study the popularity of a whole niche or a separate item through a long period of time – and make forecasts?

Let’s use an example of a fan merchandise store. We know that we want to sell some popular series related merch but cannot decide what series to choose. What should we do?

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How to Find Your Niche for eCommerce

Sep 20, 2018 ,

Some online entrepreneurs who decide to open a new webstore already know what products they are going to sell pretty well. Quite often they choose the niche they have been already working in for years. But less experienced business owners sometimes have to puzzle over the problem of choosing products to promote. They know that they are eager to run a webstore but have doubts concerning a proper niche. How to pick out the one that will bring maximum profit?

What we advise is to give up product selection and find a proper audience instead. A great way of getting the whole new world of opportunities is to choose a narrow niche audience and try to understand their problems. You should switch from selecting products to understanding the problems of your audience.

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