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Facebook Ad Optimization: How To Create Effective Campaigns

By Denis K. Jun 1, 2020

Promotional campaigns are an important part of any business. Properly setting up an advertising campaign can help you save lots of money and reach high conversion rates. And here is where Facebook Ad optimization comes in handy!

Successful online stores incorporate Facebook ads for the promotion of their stores. When you set up your ads campaign correctly and target the right audience with captivating ads, a large audience of people can interact with these messages and as a result, with your online store. 

It is incredibly hard to foretell what kind of advertisement will resonate with your potential audience. However, with the help of Facebook’s ad optimization, we can test many different ads and ideas, no matter how crazy and ridiculous they might seem. This way, we’ll figure out which ones actually perform better. With proper Facebook ad optimization, you will reduce the CPC (cost per click rate), as well as increase the CTR (click-through-rate), and ultimately, boost your sales numbers. All of this will be possible with the same advertising budget. 

We are eager to share with you the most beneficial strategies for Facebook Ad optimization. 

Improving the ad text

Think of your ad texts and create several variants of them. Then, just test to find out which one is the most effective.

The times of writing generic similar advertisements are long gone. Now it is common to produce fun and creative copies that will be emotionally engaging. Therefore, your marketing strategy should be aligned with the dialects and speech patterns that your target audience is used to.

A fun way to enlighten your textual content is by using various emojis. They are generally utilized to show emotions and actions in graphic form. 👍😍💕👗👜💄💍💲💥🔥🌟💯‼❗🆒🆕🆓💰💸🛒🎁📣

See for yourself how well different types of advertisements are perceived. Create two separate ad campaigns to test out how they work. 

In the first advertisement, use a short and simple text with some emojis to highlight it. And in the second, write a long and formal text without any emojis.

If you wrote a short advertisement and used the appropriate emojis, the results of your CTR should be a lot higher compared to the longer ad. 

Clarifying discount offers 

Are you sure that your offers are clear enough? Try this Facebook Ad optimization tip and check it.

It’s clearly a good idea to launch advertising campaigns during certain sales periods or when you want to promote a specific product at a discounted price. Even though there’s plenty of promotional content on the Internet, simple curiosity will lead to people interacting with your ads. 

What you have to determine next is the most attractive type of discount ad text. You can write either the percentage of the discount or the final price of the product. 

Test both options. However, results may vary depending on the size of the discount. A 50% discount may result in higher CTR, than, for example, a discount of 5% or 10%. 

What’s more, according to various researches, customers who click on the advertisement with a final price are more likely to purchase the product. So, if the discount percentage is small (5-10%), it is better to focus on the product’s final price in your advertisement text. 

Comparing the ads’ performance results, keep in mind not only CTR and CPC parameters but also the result of the sales from advertising. 

Ad delivery optimization 

Facebook can help you to improve your ads automatically. It will use its own users' data to deliver ads for the precise audience.

Facebook has the feature of optimizing your ad campaign automatically. If you want to try it, you can find this option in the Optimization for Ad Delivery section in Ad Sets and select one of the following optimization options:

  • Conversions 
  • Landing page views 
  • Land clicks 
  • Daily Unique Reach
  • Impressions 

Let’s look at each of them in more detail. 

Conversions – This optimization option is only effective if you have gathered enough statistical data on the conversions. Facebook analyses the users that you have successfully converted previously. And it shows your promotional advertisement to those who are potentially more likely to buy your product. 

To gather statistics, you should install Facebook Pixel on your website. Set up conversion targets to – “buying”, “Adding to cart”, and so on. 

Landing page views – Your ad will be shown to users who are more likely to click on a link in the advertisement and advance to your website. 

Link clicks – optimization for users who click on your advertisement.

Daily unique reach – this option will ensure that each person will see the ad only once.

Impressions – this is an optimization for the number of times your ad will be demonstrated (for example, the same user will only see your advertisement a few times a day). This type of promotion is appropriate for completely new advertising campaigns. 

Age and gender ad optimization 

Optimize your ad campaigns depending on the age of your potential target audience

You can also optimize your ad campaigns depending on the age of your potential target audience. There are several options you can try to test out, either dividing users into different age groups or uniting them together. 

Remember that you are not always going to see the desired results. Some testing results will be poor because of the parameters you set as you can go too narrow or too broad. 

As for dividing by gender, sometimes it’s not even needed as it is going to be obvious from the type of product you are going to be promoting. However, some product advertisements are required to be divided by gender, depending on the audience you are trying to reach. 

Dividing by location 

Do you know who are your customers and where are they from? Use this knowledge to optimize your ads

This is one of the most efficient ways to optimize your advertisements on Facebook. The way it works is by, first of all, constructing a fixed budget. Then, once the budget is set, test various possibilities of promotion for each region, or even each country. 

An important detail that should be noted is that Facebook always shows your ads to an audience that costs less for you. 

If your ad campaign isn’t optimized for conversions, Facebook will automatically decide who to spend it on. For example, users who will click on your ad, but are unlikely to purchase anything. 

Selecting ad placements 

Facebook has various places to show your ads. You should select the preferable one foe your campaigns

Facebook allows you to publish your advertisement in various sections and pick 4 platforms where to place your ads, like Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and the Messenger. Sections where you can post include: 

  • Feeds
  • Stories
  • In-stream 
  • Search
  • Messages
  • Contextual Spaces
  • Sites and Apps 

To test each option, you’ll need a rather extensive budget. Also, an important point to keep in mind is that Facebook and Instagram campaigns have to be handled differently. The format of pictures and text is different, so you have to create different promotions for each platform. 

After you’ve successfully tested out all the optimization options, and had some financially strong advertising campaigns, you can expand your reach onto other Facebook sections. 

Excluding previously converted users 

If you don't want some users to see your ads, you can set up this feature as well

Remember that it is always important to separate your previous clients who have already converted from your new ones. Already converted customers, or repeat clients, are those who have previously purchased something from your store, subscribed to you, visited the landing page, or somehow interacted with your page. 

To make separate audiences, head over to your audience feature in the Ad set. There will be a window with the option to create a new audience, as well as a box to EXCLUDE people. 


Retargeting is another great way of optimizing your Facebook advertising

Retargeting is another great way of optimizing your Facebook advertising by targeting potential customers based on their previous online activity. This form of advertising is based on targeting users who have or haven’t previously converted and brings them back to your online store. 

This means that, for example, your loyal customers will get advertisements with additional discounts and new additions to your store. At the same time, completely new audiences that are yet to be converted will receive ads that are made to attract new customers. 

Try focusing more on your loyal customers, as they are much more likely to convert, and the CTR and CPC rate of this particular audience is always higher.

Facebook Automated optimization

Facebook has a special feature that is called Automated Rules

When you are prepared to publish a large number of advertisements, it can be difficult to keep track of the campaigns. Fortunately, Facebook has a special feature that is called Automated Rules. Here is the list of customizable features for Facebook Ad optimization: 

  • Automatically turn off ads if the CTR is lower than 1%
  • Automatically turn off ads if the CPC is higher than $2
  • Automatically turn off ads if the Frequency (the average amount of ad demonstrations to one user) is greater than 2
  • Enhance the ad group budget by 10%, if the cost per result is lower than $5
  • Reduce the ad group budget by 10%, if the cost per result is higher than $7 

These are just a few options for Automated Rules which you can customize to fit the needs of your advertising campaign.

We encourage you to optimize your Facebook ads as it will help to improve the results of your advertising campaigns. Furthermore, test different ideas and variations to see what gives you the best results.

Hopefully, these Facebook Ad optimization tips will be useful to you and help you successfully promote your online store, as well as increase your number of sales and satisfy your customers.

By Denis K.
As a copywriter, Denis explores the rapidly evolving digital marketing industry and feels committed to sharing his findings with a wider readers' audience.


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