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How To Design Facebook Ads: 6 Tips To Benefit From

By Denis K. Jul 24, 2023

Want to create the most irresistible Facebook advertisements with the help of which you can launch full-blown campaigns that will lead to high-income numbers? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because today we will try to uncover how to design Facebook ads. 

Generally, Facebook ads are the most effective and beneficial way to gain leads to your ecommerce business. To get the most out of Facebook ads and receive sufficient income numbers, it takes a little bit of time to find the approach that will suit you best. 

Nevertheless, let’s dive deeper into why Facebook is so important for ecommerce business’ promotions and how to get the most out of it. 

Why Facebook is the main source for leads in ecommerce

In today’s world, social media plays a significant role, especially for those who manage an ecommerce business. Simply think for a second, over 90% of US businesses use social media for marketing purposes.

For those who want to start an ecommerce business, there’s a wide number of social media platforms that you can use. The most popular among them being Facebook. 

Facebook makes it incredibly easy and convenient to run various ad campaigns so much so that over 85% of US entrepreneurs use it for marketing purposes

Now that you see how widely-used Facebook is, let’s look at how to make the most profitable ads. 

How to design and get the maximum profit from Facebook ads

To achieve impressive income numbers and efficiently promote your online store, Facebook ad optimization is essential. 

So, let’s see why you should promote on Facebook and how to properly set up your Facebook ad campaign.

Why promote your store on Facebook?

Facebook Ads bring a lot of traffic and sales on ecommerce store if it works properly

According to the statistics, Facebook is a very promising platform to promote your ecommerce business. However, should you neglect other platforms because of this? No, you shouldn’t! 

Facebook is great for your marketing campaigns, however, you must use every tool at your disposal to get the best possible results, such as Google Shopping. However, keep in mind that the competition in Google Shopping has severely increased. So, getting the most out of this instrument will require you to put some effort in. 

Nevertheless, a lot depends on the audience you are going to target. For example, if most of your audience is from the US, then Facebook is the perfect choice as it has the perfect targeting options. 

What should a Facebook ad look like? 

A Facebook ad creative is a video or banner that is made for promotional purposes. Let’s see how they should look like. 

Video ad

Video ads are a great type of content to catch people's attention and promote your products


One more way to promote your business is to design Facebook Ads in banner formats

It doesn’t look too challenging, right? Although, there are multiple aspects you should consider if you want Facebook ad managers to approve your ad creatives. Remember, if you meet all the required criteria for an ad, you are less likely to encounter any problems. 

  • Videos and banners should always be followed up with texts
When designing Facebook Ads, don't forget to add texts.

It is essential to have a text that will inspire internet consumers to purchase a product or service for that reason or another. Even better if it specifies the benefits of the products and what issues it solves.

  • Remember to create a featured image when you make a video ad

Having a description text is not always enough, sometimes people don’t have the time or the interest to read what you’ve prepared. So try to make an informative and creative featured image. 

  • Mix up your texts with suitable emojis 
To design Facebook Ads that work even more effectively, be sure to add emojis

This is similar to the previous statement, not all internet users are fond of reading huge blocks of text. So, when the text is supported by various colorful emojis, it not only makes the text easier to read but also draws more attention. 

  • Minimize the quantity of the text on ad creatives
The less texts will be on your banner the better

It is important to mention that, initially, Facebook does not allow you to fill more than 20% of the picture with text. Furthermore, the text can simply overload the image. So, what is the answer? 

Try to use high-quality images that hold a message within themselves. And for text, use as little wording as possible, instead offer coupons, discounts, notify about sales, etc.

  • It’s not necessary to include discounts in every advertisement

Here, you need to understand whether discounts are what drives the sales of your online business. Many marketing specialists have stated that it doesn’t matter if the discount size is presented or not. In fact, phrases such as “limited offer”, “best price”, etc. can bring in even better results for your ads then plain discount numbers. 

By the way, one way you can use the empty space on your images is for customer feedback. In some cases, Facebook ad creatives that hold some form of social proof perform a lot better when promoting through Facebook. 

  • Try to make “real” Facebook ads

Using generic media materials that you can find on the Internet isn’t enough to create the best ad creatives. Mix it up by creating video ads where you show off your products being used. This can be in the form of a video montage, showcasing the products’ features and how it works. 

And the best part about making ads showcasing your products? Generally, they perform a lot better than generic ones. 

Why is it important to properly set up a Facebook ad?

Creating a single Facebook ad is not enough, you also need to focus on setting up your ad campaigns. By not given this aspect enough attention, even the best ad creatives are in risk of performing poorly. This means being unnoticed and even bringing in losses instead of profits. 

How to achieve the best advertising results?

The process of your ad campaign configurations requires careful forethought, to get the most out of it.

Test different ad creatives to understand which have better engagement results through PPE campaigns. 

After the tests are complete, simply choose the most efficient ad creatives and launch ad campaigns aimed at conversions. Meantime, don’t stop the rest of your ads that show good results. You can leave them running in your PPE campaign to collect likes, comments, shares, and even traffic. 

How to find a target audience? 

One of the most important stages of designing Facebook Ads is selecting the right target audience

This question has been discussed by numerous marketing specialists all over the world millions of times. However, to answer this question accurately, one has to take into account many factors. 

Among them are the age, the gender, the place of living, the income level, and many many more. Once you’ve figured out what parameters to set, test out different audiences, see which one performs best, and only then focus on a specific audience of people. 

Where to place the Facebook ad? 

Facebook ads can be placed in several different areas. For example, your ad creatives can be placed in Feeds, Stories, Search, etc. 

If you feel like you don’t know where exactly to place your ads and what will bring you the best results, you can try the auto-placements feature. Therefore, you won’t be limiting yourself to one particular section or another. 

How many campaigns should you run simultaneously?

You can design many Facebook Ads but run only several of them at the same time

Well, it all depends on you, really, and on how much time you are willing to devote to the promotional aspect. You can run up to 10 ad campaigns at once. Moreover, you can add multiple additional ad sets to each campaign. 

To mix it up, 2 or 3 of them can be devoted to retargeting campaigns, and others to test potential audiences.

How to automate your Facebook campaigns? 

When setting up Facebook ad campaigns, Facebook allows you to automate your campaigns through its Automated Rules. However, you can ignore this option entirely. 

Depending on how good your campaigns are performing, you can choose to keep an eye on campaigns created this way and see how efficient they can be.

Final thoughts on how to design Facebook ads for your benefit

All things considered, launching and running Facebook ad campaigns isn’t as challenging as it may seem at first. Even if you had no previous experience in advertising, you can master this aspect of online advertising. 

Nevertheless, not everyone has the patience and willingness to design Facebook ads. However, don’t get discouraged, creating a booming business simply requires you to find the right approach and dedication. 

Hopefully, now you know more about designing Facebook ad campaigns and go on to create your own efficient campaigns that will generate you a promising income. Or you can order this service from professionals.

By Denis K.
As a copywriter, Denis explores the rapidly evolving digital marketing industry and feels committed to sharing his findings with a wider readers' audience.



I have social Rabbit and Ali team did install it for me on my site, but when I do create ad, I couldn’t see all the data on my ad manager, like the one you have above.
did you connect your catalog on social rabbit to the Event manager in your Facebook?
how do you have all data and dynamics ad but I don’t have. I do not able to and be able to see the Purchase ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), Website Purchase ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), View Content, add to cart and Purchase, results On my ad managers. please email me too

    Victoria M.

    Social Rabbit can’t be connected to the Facebook Ads manager. These are two different tools.
    What you see in your ad manager account depends on what goals you selected, whether you installed Facebook Pixel on your website or not, what settings you’ve done.

    In this article, this is an example of our Facebook ads manager account for our goals and with our settings.

    Kind regards,
    Victoria M.

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