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Instagram Mass Following: To Use or Not To Use

By Victoria M. Jun 17, 2020

The more followers on Instagram you have, the more potential customers know about your business and can buy something from you. But how can you gain more followers? One of the oldest methods is Instagram mass following. In this article, we will explain what it is and if this technique is still suitable to achieve your goals. 

Instagram mass following: what it is

Let’s take an example for a better understanding! 

Imagine that you are walking along the street and someone suddenly greets you. What will your reaction be like? 

Probably, you will do the same in response. Why? This is human nature! 

On the Internet, your behavior is almost the same. When we see that someone follows us (or likes/comments), we naturally tend to return this favor. This is the basis of Instagram mass following. 

In other words, Instagram mass following refers to following numerous accounts to make people feel flattered and follow your back. This helps your Instagram account start gaining more and more followers without hardly any activity from your side. That’s exactly what any online entrepreneur wants, isn’t it? 

But, if this method is so effective, why doesn’t everybody use it? Let’s speak about possible risks before you implement this trick into your marketing plan! 

Instagram mass following: possible pitfalls 

You should understand that Instagram mass following is a quite risky way of promotion.

What could go wrong with Instagram mass following? There are some consequences you should know about. 

Just put yourself into customers’ shoes. 

Remember yourself taking your phone to check what’s new on Instagram. Suddenly you notice that someone followed you and commented on your last photo something like “Great shot!”. You feel pleased and want to check this account to say something in return, go there and see… only commercial posts “buy this amazing item or get this one right now”. Your good mood gradually comes down and you feel disappointed. And if you already followed this account, probably you immediately unfollow it.

Nobody likes being exploited. 

This is exactly what your potential customers and followers might feel if you start using Instagram mass following without any rules and tactics. Plus, not all social media platforms allow using such promotional ways. 

There is one more disadvantage with Instagram mass following. It can drastically drop your engagement level! This can happen if the users who followed you back ignore your account and the content you post. The more inactive followers you have, the more possible that Instagram starts decreasing your reach because its algorithms will consider your account as uninteresting. 

Now, Instagram mass following doesn’t seem a good idea? The truth is if you use this strategy wisely, you can benefit from it and grow your account. Let’s find out what you can do to get at good results and not harm your business.

Instagram mass following: smart usage

To get at good results and don't get your account banned, you should follow these simple rules.

That were typical examples of what Instagram mass following could result in. But, in fact, these cons can be avoided if you adhere to the rules below. 

Follow people who are potentially interested in your products

This is a huge mistake to follow all the people on Instagram at random. The main goal of Instagram mass following is to gain followers who can buy something from you. For example, if you sell accessories for pets, it will be totally useless to follow people who are interested in sports. It will be wiser if you find pets’ owners and follow them. 

How can you reach this specific audience? You can use software that will follow, comment, and like relevant accounts according to your settings. 

Post not only commercial content 

Simply following a person isn’t enough. With mass following, you just attract attention to your account. Now you need to make people who visit your account interested in your content and follow you back. 

Let’s suppose you followed and commented on somebody, and this person came to your account to know more about you. If you post about your products over and over again, nobody will stay on your account for long because nobody likes direct promotion! 

The best way to keep a person on your Instagram account is to publish entertaining and useful content along with commercial posts. 

The golden SMM rule: 30% – product posts, 70% – other content. 

Focus on customers feelings to engage them

Also, you can evoke pleasant memories and good emotions in people when they read your posts or use your products.

A good example of a company that uses this tip like a pro is The Coca-Cola Company.  

In their marketing communication (including their Instagram account), they don’t promote the drink itself. They focus on people’s feelings. 

For example, Coca-Cola’s legendary Christmas ad! We bet, you’ve recalled this song instantly! 

When you see it on TV, you are taken back to the pleasant moments and the atmosphere of the holiday. For many, this beverage and Christmas have become inseparable. As a result, people see Coca Cola on the stores’ shelves and buy not just a drink but their happy memories. 

Your marketing communications should strive for the same thing. Your Instagram account should engage your followers (potential and current) to get their emotional response! 

This tip will help you also grow your sales because when people are happy, they tend to buy something. 

Well, if you decide to try Instagram mass following, make sure your account is ready for this. Don’t follow people just for the sake of following. Remember that mass following is just the first step – what will happen next depends only on you and your marketing communication.

Ready to try mass following for your business promotion? Then, get Social Rabbit to do it in a safer way. With its Promoter and Mutual Promotion tools, you will follow the relevant users only and obtain good results easier.

By Victoria M.
Victoria is a marketing specialist at Social Rabbit. She always looks for great promotional ideas and finds ways of their realization
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