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How You Can Profit From A PPE Facebook Campaign

By Denis K. Oct 8, 2020

What is a Facebook PPE campaign? And what is the purpose of PPE ads? Well, since usually PPE ads don’t bring in a lot of sales, you might be wondering: why create something like this? The answer is simple. PPE campaigns allow you to boost the engagement of your posts and get lots of helpful information. 

Let’s see what exactly is a PPE Facebook campaign and how your ecommerce business can benefit from this. 

What is a PPE Facebook campaign? 

PPE stands for Page Post Engagement. It is a kind of Facebook advertising campaign that is aimed at improving the engagement rate of a certain post. The aspects of engagement that this type of campaign focuses on are likes, views, comments, shares, and clicks. 

If a business owner decides to launch a PPE campaign, they not only aim at showing the post to more people, but also stimulate the user engagement towards a particular post. 

How to create a PPE Facebook campaign

Prepare everything for your PPE posts in advance. It will be better to have several variants of potential ads at once to estimate what works for you faster.

Before heading over to your Facebook business account and launching a campaign, be sure to create proper materials for future posts. This can be videos, photos, or images. And as practice shows, all of them can do well in terms of marketing, but video materials typically work best. 

It’s useful to have not one, but several videos with various pieces of content. They should differ from each other by thumbnails, call to action buttons, ad texts, etc. And if you’re wondering, the preferred length of these videos should be about 30 seconds. When the videos are ready, you should publish them. 

Upon launching a PPE campaign, you need to choose the existing posts (the videos you published). Please note that you shouldn’t boost new posts each time you launch a campaign. 

Next, each video should have its own ad sets, with a daily budget of $5-15. It’s important to understand that the more you spend the faster you get the results. Depending on how the advertising campaign performs, you can raise or lower the budget, or shut down the ad set altogether if it brings no results. 

While the campaign is running, it will generate user activity (likes, shares, views, etc.) However, it rarely converts users into buyers. 

Why should you use PPE campaigns?

If this type of advertisement doesn't bring profit, why should you try it at all?

To test products and creatives

When you launch a PPE Facebook campaign that boosts several posts at once, it allows you to test them and see how effective they are. This is exactly why it is important to make more than one creative with various elements. After some time, you’ll be able to tell how effective or ineffective a campaign is. 

After a few days of testing, you will be able to select the most efficient ones to use in various other campaigns. 

Furthermore, depending on how well the PPE ad performs, ecommerce entrepreneurs can get an understanding on the level of demand a product has. 

You see, the way a PPE ad works is that it is shown to the most active users, to people who like, comment, and share more than others. So, if even these people don’t show any interest in your posts, you shouldn’t expect potential customers to show interest as well. 

However, if a PPE campaign does generate some sales, which can be rarely seen, you can conclude that the product has some potential. 

To collect data for other campaigns

Other than for testing your products and promo materials, PPE campaigns can be used to find Facebook target audiences by using the data collected from the tests. 

In fact, if you want to collect the most amount of possible data, you can keep your most successful campaigns running. Simply lower the daily budget to $5 instead of shutting it down. The campaign will keep running and collect even more data. 

To increase the level of trust 

A successful PPE ad campaign on Facebook can generate a lot of engagement. It results in hundreds or even thousands of views, comments, and likes. 

When you use the same post in your conversion campaigns, users will see a video ad with a high level of engagement. 

Think about it: what would you prefer to click on – a post with 0 likes, or a post with a few thousand likes? It’s simple, the more likes, the more likely people are to click on it. 

To make cheaper conversion campaigns 

Did it ever cross your mind why the price of certain Facebook ads is lower to advertisers? To understand this, you must have an idea of how the Facebook algorithm works. It doesn’t simply show ads to people for money. It regards ads as pieces of content. If users don’t interact with an ad, Facebook will recognize this and will show it to fewer people. And when it does so, it will demand more money to be spent on this particular ad. 

However, if people do enjoy the content, Facebook will show the advertisements to more users, which will result in the post winning bids more often and reducing the cost of promotion. 

What’s more, the more people interact with a post, the more information Facebook collects, which will result in better targeting. Thus, a post with a high engagement rate will be promoted much more effectively than a new one with no engagement at all. 

Final thoughts on PPE Facebook campaigns 

PPE campaigns work great for promoting and selling new products. At first, they may seem like a waste of time and money, but you can be assured that they’re not. 

By spending a few dollars, you can test how well the product and promotional materials will be received. However, if you decide to ignore PPE campaigns, you risk spending money in vain on various other campaigns. 

With PPE Facebook campaigns, you get lots of information and data on your products and promo materials, which will help your future campaigns be more effective and cheaper. 

This is how you can be sure that your future ads will be really effective for YOUR business. If you still have questions, please, don’t be shy to ask us in the comments below!

By Denis K.
As a copywriter, Denis explores the rapidly evolving digital marketing industry and feels committed to sharing his findings with a wider readers' audience.


Nandweza Allan

This is a great article. Am though a newbie. I recently wanted to run a video ad on Facebook for conversion as my campaign objective. I filled in purchase as my conversion event tab, but I was puzzled when i was told that i might get no optimization and zero purchase. I am puzzled about this. I really need some help about it.
Hope to receive your reply.

    Victoria M.

    Thank you for your interest in our content.
    You need to set up this event on FB Pixel. This article from Facebook Help Center will be useful

Jeffery Macaulay

Hey.. Am a Drop shipping newbie and I could use some help on how to get around here,wanna be my mentor?

    Victoria M.

    Thank you for your interest!

    You can get our help via our articles and services at any time. But we can’t be your mentor, sorry.
    If you need help with the Social Rabbit plugin, you can also contact us, and we will help you to solve the issue.

    Kind regards,
    Victoria M.

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