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10 Priceless Facebook Ads Tips To Boost Your Business Performance

By Victoria M. Feb 28, 2020

Are you promoting your business on Facebook through paid ads? Take a look at these powerful Facebook ads tips! We’re excited to share our experience-based insights and help you increase the efficiency of your promo campaigns 😉

If you’re looking for a highly efficient social media platform to advertise your business on, Facebook, undoubtedly, is one of your best choices. 

Facebook is exceptionally popular among users all over the world. At the end of 2019, it had almost 1.66 billion active daily users from around the globe. India, the United States, Indonesia and Brazil were the countries with over 100 million Facebook users, while Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt and Turkey also made it to the top-10 countries with the highest Facebook usage.

Such an extensive geographic reach, together with the incredible amount of users, makes it clear why digital marketers are so eager to use Facebook for advertising purposes. This is why you’d certainly enjoy these practical Facebook ads tips you can easily apply to your own business promotion!

Facebook Ads tips: making the right visuals

Imagery is the first thing that gets the attention of Facebook users

Imagery is the first thing that gets the attention of Facebook users who come across your ad. So, what are the basic rules to follow if you want to make a lasting impression with your promotional pictures?

Use images of people

When you’re selling products online, most definitely, you want to demonstrate them in action and in close-up details in your ads. 

Still, don’t forget that people first of all want to see the way their life will change after buying and using your items! That’s why it’s so important to give some individuality and ‘personality’ to your ads, and make them all about buyers’ life-changing experience.

Avoid generic images from free stock photo sites

Free stock photos are a blessing for every business owner, especially for a newcomer. The thing is, they can provide entrepreneurs with high quality illustrative materials for their marketing activities.

The catch, however, is that free stock photos are available to everyone – and that’s why the same pictures are used everywhere over and over again. Of course, it’s not really helpful if you want to establish your own brand and create memorable advertising materials!

Another problematic aspect of free stock photos is the way they portray people sometimes. It’s not uncommon for these photos to feature some awkward body positions and facial expressions that aren’t really natural in our daily life. Of course, such images don’t inspire much trust and simply make the viewers laugh at the silly imagery. 

The best and most cost-efficient way to solve both of these issues is to switch to paid stock photo sites such as Shutterstock, and avoid using the most popular photos from there. Paid stock photos tend to have a much more professional appearance when compared to free ones. Plus, smaller photo packages are usually available, meaning that you can afford them even if your budget is limited.

Facebook Ads tips: creating video ads

One of the best ways to engage your followers is video

Video content integration is one of the most prominent digital marketing trends of 2020. Most certainly, you can’t overlook it! Here are some video ads tips for you to take into account.

Get the most out of every second

When a video appears in a user’s Facebook news feed, it starts playing automatically. This is why it’s absolutely crucial to capture the viewers’ attention during these first several seconds of the video demonstration! 

It’s absolutely essential to make the video look dynamic, bright and engaging in order not to lose your potential audience. For the same purpose, it is also a must to integrate subtitles into your ad videos.

Pay attention to the surrounding texts

What’s the extra way of drawing users’ attention to your video apart from its captivating visuals? That’s right – it’s the video headline and description! 

Your goal here is to come up with a short yet powerful and catchy text that sparks the audience’s interest and positions your video as a must-see. 

Speaking of this, let’s move on to the next thematic group of Facebook ads tips!

Facebook Ads writing tips

Put attention to the content you post on Facebook

It’s hard to imagine an efficient Facebook ad that contains no text at all 🙂 Let’s see what you can do to make your ad texts more influential and purchase-stimulating!

Focus on the value to customers

Some digital marketing experts recommend an interesting approach to creating advertising texts: stop selling!

Indeed, a direct and straightforward ‘pushy’ message won’t always have the desired effect and convert ad viewers to buyers immediately. But what happens if you offer people not the product itself, but a game-changing solution for their burning issues? In this case, they won’t perceive your ad as something intrusive and annoying, and will get more likely to take a closer look at your product.

Use numbers if possible

Do you know a better way to illustrate the buyers’ benefits from buying your products? 🙂

Numbers don’t simply make your advertising message more memorable and captivating. They also serve as an additional proof of your offer credibility, and show the exact change your product can make to the buyer’s life. 

So, if you can measure the positive impact that your items can make, do it – and put this number in your ad headline with confidence.

Facebook Ads targeting tips

You need to target right people to get better results

What’s the next step to take after you’ve created stunning ad visuals and persuasive ad texts?

That’s right – you need to show these powerful messages to the right audience that will respond to them well. How can you do it?

Target people by location

Most certainly, as a business owner, you have a more or less clear idea of the most common places of living of your target audience members. The good news is, you can easily reach this geographic segment of your potential customers thanks to Facebook location targeting feature. 

Facebook figures out its users’ location with a high level of precision thanks to mobile signals, IP addresses, and profile data. This is why it’s possible for you to target users on the basis of their countries and cities of residence by entering the necessary physical address in the search box. Modifying your targeting settings further, you can make your ads reach any of the following groups of people:

  • Everyone in this specified location
  • Users living in this location
  • Users who visited this location recently
  • People travelling in this location

The most beneficial strategy for you would be to choose the country or countries which residents place orders on your website most often, and target people who live in this location permanently. As you can guess, visitors and travelers don’t have an extended stay in your target area, which is why they aren’t the most promising target segment for you.

Target people by behavior

Users’ location is not the only parameter you can use for smart ads targeting. 

Facebook makes it possible for marketers to reach audiences with diverse behaviour patterns. For this purpose, you can rely on your customers’ interests, preferred devices and payment methods, etc. Using these details, you are able to create lots of smaller custom audiences instead of a single large one, and target your promotional messages more precisely.

Tips for analyzing and improving Facebook ads results

Keep informed on your marketing performance

What’s the key to making your ads more efficient and powerful than ever? Constant upgrade, of course! Here’s a couple of tips to help you take your ads performance to a whole new level.

Measure the growth of sales

To measure the efficiency of their Facebook ads campaigns, some marketers focus their attention on likes, shares, comments, and other reactions from the viewers’ audience.

This approach is great when you want to test different types of content and see which ones of them see the best response and have the highest potential for your further promo efforts. However, they shouldn’t be in the centre of your attention when you evaluate the financial outcome of the advertising campaign. In this case, you need to consider:

  • The change in the number or volume of orders placed in your store
  • The campaign cost

Comparing your expenses to the revenue received from the campaign, you’ll see whether you need to change your ad placement, duration, or content. And comparing the intensity of social media reactions to the amount of generated sales, you’ll see whether something on your website stops people from making a purchase and therefore, needs to be fixed.

Automate the ads creation process

If you want to cut down the amount of time you spend creating catchy purchase-stimulating Facebook ads, think about smart social media solutions!

Tools like Social Rabbit plugin help you create attractive, non-spammy posts on autopilot. Thanks to the Rabbit, you can share your in-store blog entries, showcase your store products, and demonstrate captivating imagery in your Facebook feed without extra effort. 

In other words, this tool can generate and publish engaging posts without your constant supervision – and work 24/7 while you’re doing anything else you want! Best part? It can do the same on 3 more major social networks: Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Now, you know more than just 10 Facebook Ads tips that can improve the financial results of your marketing activities dramatically. You also have an idea of a winning automated tool that can turn your SMM activities into a fun, easy, and quick to complete procedure! So, how about giving Social Rabbit plugin a try?

By Victoria M.
Victoria is a marketing specialist at Social Rabbit. She always looks for great promotional ideas and finds ways of their realization
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